Car Accident Attorneys Texas

Dec 19, 2019 Blog

Car Accident Attorneys Texas

The numbers of accidents that occur in Texas on a yearly basis are staggering. However, the occurrence of an accident does not necessarily mean that there will be a lawsuit to pursue. Many auto accident victims often ask the question, “Do I have a case?” but the answer to that question depends on the existence of certain factors.

Those who have suffered injuries because of another’s carelessness or negligence may be entitled to file a personal injury claim. But accident victims should keep in mind that the presence of certain elements will make the difference between a successful outcome and a less than favorable decision.accident attorneys Texas

Individuals who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents often have questions beyond those that might be presented in a car accident info center. If you want to know the answer to the question “Do I have a case?” contact one of our skilled Texas car accident lawyers as soon as possible by calling us for a consultation. Find more info here @

How To Answer The Question, ‘Do I Have A Case?

Some attorneys who practice in the areas of motor vehicle accidents and personal injury law may advise accident victims about the viability of their cases by closely examining the evidence and facts presented. The three key elements that should be present for a potentially successful claim are:

An actual injury
Liability for that injury
Insurance coverage

Upon adequate review of the facts and evidence, a lawyer will be able to make a determination with regard to pursuing a personal injury claim. The accident itself may have been a traumatic occurrence for all involved; however, once the emotions have calmed, a deeper look into the value of the case should be undertaken.

Valuing A Car Accident Case

When trying to figure out how much money your accident case is worth, a thorough examination of the above-mentioned elements will need to be done. For instance, with respect to an actual injury, the extent and degree of that injury will play a large role in determining the value of the case. The more substantial the injury, the more significant the compensation might be.

Additionally, when it comes to liability for the injury, if the injury was completely someone else’s fault, you may have a good case. Texas’s laws, however, state that any amount of recovery awarded will be lowered if the injured party played any part in his or her accident injuries. Therefore, if you were 25 percent responsible for the accident, your compensation will be adjusted downward to reflect that amount of liability.

The existence of insurance coverage will also play a role in your recovery. If the party responsible for the accident has inadequate insurance or does not have any insurance, your compensation may be greatly limited. Keep in mind though that you may be able to make a claim against your own insurance policy.

The factors that go into valuing a case and determining whether or not you have a case can be overwhelming. That is why all accident victims are encouraged to work with a skilled lawyer who can ensure that all viable legal options are pursued. Call us at to schedule an appointment with a local attorney. Click here for more information @

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